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Treezor actively takes part in developing innovative solutions aiming to improve the user experience. Data security is, along with service agility and scalability, an essential part of Treezor’s project to build a French benchmark BaaS solution for the European market.

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Thanks to its license as an electronic money institution and the flexibility of its technology, Treezor is the precursor of the Banking-as-a-Service model and is the European leader with a presence in 5 countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and France.

As Banking-as-a-Service precursor, Treezor embeds tech, regulatory and security aspects into its offering to provide access via API to the entire payment chain, from receiving to issuing payments. Treezor devotes a significant part of its resources to developing new technology in order to support innovation and its customers’ growth strategies.

Treezor is the first French Electronic Money Institution authorized to provide all types of payment services from 1 to 8. Its European passporting license enables Treezor to provide its services in 25 countries.

Corporate values that drive Treezor

At the heart of our corporate culture are the fundamental values that shape our organization and the way we operate. Together, we cultivate team spirit, benevolence and diversity; essential pillars that guide our daily actions and contribute to Treezor’s success in the financial services sector.

At Treezor, team spirit transcends mere terminology to become a central element of our corporate culture. Collaboration, trust and solidarity between employees are essential values that guide our joint efforts, embodying the “One Treezor” principle.

This team spirit fosters a working atmosphere where each individual, in his or her own way, contributes ideas and is fully committed to the company’s projects. We encourage openness and informal communication, enabling everyone to get to know each other better and understand each other’s strengths and skills.

Treezor regularly organizes events to bring its staff together, whether they be informal and festive, celebrations of world cultures or strategic meetings to share the vision of projects led by management and the various teams. Our aim is to create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and where ideas are shared transparently.

Benevolence at Treezor takes the form of active listening, respect for each individual and the creation of an environment where everyone feels listened to, understood and take into consideration. This value forms a solid foundation for positive relationships, both internally and with the company’s partners. In concrete terms, our employees’ happiness and working conditions are at the heart of our concerns.

Treezor stands out through its cultural diversity, with employees of over 20 different nationalities. This diversity is a major asset for the company, bringing varied perspectives and a cultural richness that strengthens our ability to innovate. One of the strong points illustrating Treezor’s attractiveness and diversity lies in its ability to integrate diverse and international staff.

Treezor also sensitizes its employees to topical issues such as Pink October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and Movember, marking our commitment to important causes and helping to raise awareness of major social issues.

Our organization is characterized by decentralized decision-making enabling all employees, whatever their level, to contribute to decisions and take responsibility. This approach fosters a climate of trust and empowerment where everyone is encouraged to play an active role in the company’s success. It also enables us to react quickly to challenges and innovate in an agile way, a crucial requirement in our business sector.

Compliance and whistleblowing channel 

Treezor S.A.S, as a subsidiary of the Societe Generale group, benefits from the alert collection and processing system set up by the Group. This new system, which complies with the obligations defined by Directive 2019/1937 – the EU Whistleblowing Directive – offers the possibility of reporting any activity considered to be serious or not in compliance with the rules governing the conduct of the Group’s activities. The whistle-blowing tool is based on a secure external platform that guarantees the protection of personal data and strict confidentiality of information. 

The whistleblower may report anonymously (without giving his/her name), although he/she should generally identify him/herself if possible and the Company will protect his/her identity. It is accessible in several languages and is open to Societe Generale and Treezor employees, as well as to external and temporary staff and lastly to service providers with whom the Group and Treezor have an established commercial relationship (subcontractors or suppliers).

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