Vacation vouchers are payment vouchers acquired by employees to finance expenditure on vacations or cultural and leisure activities, with a financial contribution from the employer or the CSE (Social and Economic Committee).

According to 2023 figures from the ANCV (Agence Nationale pour les Chèques-Vacances), vacation vouchers are a real success in France. Used by 4.76 million employees, civil servants and the self-employed, vacation vouchers also benefit their families, thus totaling 11 million beneficiaries. Similarly, vacation vouchers helped 241,600 of the most vulnerable people in 2023: low-income families, isolated senior citizens, young people in integration schemes, people with disabilities, and many others.

These benefits can take different forms:

  • Paper vacation vouchers, usually in booklets.
  • Dematerialized vacation vouchers, such as Connect vacation vouchers.

Prepaid cards, similar to a Mastercard, specially designed for vacations and leisure activities, such as Treezor vacation cards.

Regulations governing vacation vouchers in France 

By definition, vacation vouchers can be financed by the employer and/or the Comité Social et Économique (CSE), in accordance with the rules laid down by URSSAF. They are not a substitute for salary, and remain valid for two years from the date of issue (e.g., a vacation voucher issued in 2023 is valid until December 31, 2025), in accordance with ANCV Order no. 82-283 of March 26, 1982.

In France, vacation vouchers are subject to annual and per-voucher ceilings set by URSSAF, depending on the size of the company and the situation of the employee (in the private sector) or the civil servant (in the public sector). Employers can offer vacation vouchers to their employees and benefit from social security exemptions of up to 50% of the amount granted and/or a tax deduction of up to 30% of the gross monthly minimum wage per employee and per year.

The Comité Social et Économique (CSE) can also contribute to vacation vouchers, in addition to the employer, enabling employees to benefit from a higher amount. If financed exclusively by the CSE according to non-discriminatory criteria, URSSAF rules no longer apply for the employer, and these benefits are considered as social activities and exempt from social security contributions. 

Vacation vouchers can be used for a variety of activities in France and the European Union (EU), such as financing holidays, train tickets, accommodation and catering…

Characteristics of vacation vouchers 

Paper vacation vouchers

Paper vacation vouchers are issued in the form of a checkbook in denominations of €10, €20, €25 and €50, offering flexible payment for vacations and leisure activities in France, including French overseas departments and regions, as well as in European Union countries. They are valid for 2 years from the year of issue, and can be exchanged at the end of their validity.  

However, the delivery of paper vacation vouchers can pose difficulties, especially with the risks associated with manual distribution, such as loss, error or theft. In such cases, it is possible to opt for a paying option to send paper vacation vouchers directly to beneficiaries, but this does not totally eliminate the risk of errors. 

Dematerialized vacation vouchers (Connect vouchers)

Since 2020, the ANCV has introduced Connect vacation vouchers, a fully digital version of traditional vacation vouchers, accompanied by a mobile app enabling payment to providers by scanning a QR-Code. Despite this modern aspect, at present, some major market providers, particularly in the travel sector such as, Airbnb, etc., are not yet compatible with Connect vacation vouchers. Some travel service providers accept Connect vacation vouchers under certain conditions and in specific formats. 

Payment cards for leisure and vacations

The Mastercard-type leisure and vacation payment card is pre-loaded with the amount of the vacation subsidy granted to the beneficiary or employee. The latter can spend the vacation budget at any service provider that accepts payment by card. In this way, they benefit from a high degree of freedom in the use of their subsidy, whether for: 

  • Stays and accommodation (hotel, camp site, cruise, vacation rental, etc.);
  • Travel and transport (train, TGV, plane, car rental, etc.);
  • Cultural activities (concerts, shows, museums, etc.);
  • Sports and recreational activities (amusement park, ski rental, mountain biking, etc.).

Payment via a prepaid vacation card is made to the penny, and is often accompanied by a dedicated mobile app. In this case, beneficiaries can track their spending in real time.

Why opt for a dedicated vacation payment card?

Considerable time savings for the company

The payment card offered by Treezor is reloadable, simplifying the process of distributing vacation benefits to employees. A simple click is all it takes to reload the subsidy onto the beneficiary’s card. What’s more, once loaded, the card can be shipped directly to the employee’s home, with a rapid delivery time.

This solution offers a considerable advantage when it comes to managing benefits for the company’s Social and Economic Committee (CSE). Sending paper vacation vouchers by post to each beneficiary can be tedious and time-consuming. By opting for the prepaid card, the company saves precious time and reduces the risk of errors in the distribution process.

Budget transparency and optimum security

The vacation payment card is a recent but disruptive innovation on the market, offering several major advantages. By opting for the dedicated vacation payment card, the CSE retains control over its budget, as it can request a 100% refund of unused amounts. This makes it easier to manage and control the budgets allocated to employee vacations. 

This solution greatly simplifies the employee benefits distribution process, sending cards directly to beneficiaries and avoiding errors. It’s also the most secure way of distributing vacation subsidies, for both beneficiaries and elected representatives. Indeed, the vacation card is sent directly to employees with an identification code. In the event of loss or theft, the card can be immediately blocked by its owner. For their part, the elected members of the CSE can also monitor employee spending, ensuring total control of the budget and full reimbursement of unused amounts. 

The card is pre-loaded with the amount of the vacation subsidy and can be used by beneficiaries at an extensive network of providers in the vacation, sports and cultural sectors, both nationally and internationally. Offering great flexibility of use, it enables beneficiaries to pay for their vacations online, and offers a virtually unlimited acceptance network. 

Exemptions from social security contributions and tax deductions possible

Employers can benefit from exemptions from social security contributions and tax deductions of up to 50% of the amount of vacation vouchers granted to their employees. 

If vacation vouchers are financed solely by the CSE, which allocates them according to non-discriminatory criteria (freely determined by the CSE and known to employees), they will be considered as a social activity (ASC) of the CSE and, as such, exempt from social security contributions.

Why choose Treezor for vacation payment cards?

Innovative technological solutions 

Treezor offers innovative technological solutions to meet the diverse needs of vacation payment card management. With the ability to issue both physical and virtual cards, Treezor’s flexible approach adapts perfectly to your preferences and business rules. Treezor’s card management system, called MDC (Multi-criteria Dynamic Card), is specially designed for vacation cards. It incorporates advanced features such as geographic control and precise expense tracking. Geographical restriction management ensures rigorous control of card use, guaranteeing compliance with company policies and current regulations. Thanks to precise management of spending amounts, companies can track expenses in detail, define specific budgets for each beneficiary, and do so efficiently.

An additional advantage of Treezor vacation cards is the possibility of adding funds to the account by linking a personal account, making it easier to pay for services that exceed the amount of the initial endowment.

A fast ordering process 

With Treezor, opening an account is quick, but as a payment card, you’ll need to validate the identity of the CSE and the treasurer. Treezor’s maximum timeframe for this mandatory verification is 48 hours.

Secondly, ordering vacation cards is quick and easy:

  • Define the vacation budget to be allocated to each beneficiary;
  • Load cards online and place orders;
  • The cards are automatically sent to each recipient at home via Treezor’s services.

A secure means of payment

The payment card is the most secure means of distributing the vacation subsidy to beneficiaries. The vacation card is sent directly to the employee’s home, together with an identification code. In the event of loss or theft, the card can be immediately blocked by its owner.

Treezor’s solution takes advantage of its compatibility with Mastercard® to offer an extensive acceptance network compared to that of Chèque-Vacances Connect. This broadens the range of options available, as the vast majority of websites and stores accept Mastercard® payments internationally, and payment is accurate to the penny.

An additional advantage of Treezor vacation cards is the possibility of adding funds to the account by linking a personal account to it, making it easier to pay for services that exceed the amount of the initial endowment.

Lastly, the fact that the beneficiary is identified each time the card is used, and that the card can be blocked in the event of loss, further enhances the security of vacation cards.

Advanced card personalization 

Treezor goes beyond expectations when it comes to personalizing vacation payment cards. In collaboration with Idemia, a world leader in biometric and cryptographic technologies, Treezor offers personalization possibilities that combine security and innovation to reinforce its differentiation.

The printing process uses advanced technologies to guarantee sharp images and vibrant colors. Custom embossing and other personalization technologies add a distinctive touch to each card. Treezor also offers special finishes, such as selective varnishes, to enhance the cards’ security and aesthetic value. With the possibility of integrating advanced technologies, such as microchips, Treezor’s individualized approach meets the needs of companies seeking to offer unique experiences to their employees and customers.

Check out the most innovative features of Treezor’s vacation cards below:


Vacation cards issued by Treezor
Rules engine

Card payment authorization
based on predefined parameters

Card design

Customized card design and co-branding

Card security  PIN and SCA codes ✔️
Temporary card blocking ✔️
Card cancellation ✔️
Expense management Management of limits and ceilings ✔️
Access to real-time balances ✔️
Personalized spending limits ✔️
Transaction management  Retailer whitelisting ✔️
Retailer blacklisting ✔️
Real-time transaction notification ✔️
X-Pay Virtual card ✔️
Apple Pay and Google Pay ✔️

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