Ultra-customized control capability and minimal IT architecture

By using Treezor’s Multi-Criteria Dynamic Card (MDC), you have complete control over the configuration of your business rules, guaranteeing a solution perfectly adapted to your industry and corporate strategy. Our tool is designed to adjust to your specific rules, however complex they may be. This new Card Management System limits your technical development efforts. Our solution is turnkey, and the only requirement on your side is to design and integrate your rules via Treezor’s API.

An extensive combination of rules 

Treezor’s MDC makes it possible to manage the card authorization process in real time, based on a wide range of data. Indeed, the MDC manages cumulative rules (several limits and restrictions at the same time) simultaneously and instantaneously.

The MDC is also capable of taking external data sources into account and integrating them into these evaluation criteria. This unique technology enables you to combine all these elements to improve the customer experience and precisely control your business.

A few examples of how to use our MDC tool

Here are some examples of how MDC can be used:

  • Totally individualized cards: our solution enables you to manage different rules for each card, allowing even more personalized card use.
  • Acceptance network personalization: in addition to restricting the choice of merchants based on the Merchant Category Code (MCC) and/or Merchant Identifier, Treezor’s MDC manages rules based on other transaction information, such as merchant name, city,…This flexibility enables specific targeting of relevant data in line with customer needs.
  • Definition of restrictions for TSPD (Titres Spéciaux de Paiement Dématérialisés, i.e. special paperless payment orders) cards used in catering, culture, sport, mobility… Our MDC tool can also be used to define payment limits and simultaneously impose restrictions linked to country or to hours or days not worked. These features ensure that TSPD cards comply with current regulations and legal standards.

Why use our new Card Management System?

Treezor’s new CMS, based on the Multi-Criteria Dynamic Card (MDC) service, offers key advantages:

  • Flexibility, customizability and ease of use: Our MDC is easy to use, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users. It offers a high degree of customization and adaptability, enabling companies to tailor card behavior to their specific rules.
  • Real-time processing: MDC manages card authorization in real time, exploiting a wide range of data sources. Its computing power guarantees fast, accurate decision-making for every transaction.
  • Multi-criteria integration: MDC integrates a large number of transaction and usage history parameters.
  • External data integration: MDC can integrate external data sources depending on your requirements to enrich your rules.
  • Regulatory compliance: MDC helps companies stay in line with current regulations by giving them the freedom to define very fine-grained usage rules.
  • Reduced technical development effort: Thanks to the MDC functions available via API, you can significantly reduce the technical development effort required. Querying, creating, modifying or deleting even complex rules is child’s play.
  • Enhanced customer experience: By personalizing each card’s usage rules, companies can offer their customers a unique experience, resulting in greater cardholder satisfaction.

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