SEPA Payments: SCT and SCT Inst

Treezor offers a SEPA transfer solution for sending money (in euros) from one bank account to another, opened in the SEPA zone. See our article about how SEPA transfers work.
Treezor’s solution, available through the API, allows simple and secure incoming and outgoing transfers (SCT – SEPA Credit Transfers). The transfer of funds between payment accounts respects the XML ISO 20022 format.

We process transfer batches several times a day, reducing the time it takes for funds to arrive in customer accounts. Webhooks are sent in real time by API to identify each new event and allow information to be updated.
We are also working on the implementation of Instant Payments to continue to offer the best payment methods available to our customers.

Which services does Treezor provide?

  • Recurring transfers
  • Batch transfers
  • Recall and reject management
  • AML-FT checks

We also offer an instant SEPA transfer solution with compatible banks for both sending (SCT Inst.) or receiving (SCT Inst. R).

What are the benefits of SCT Inst? 

  • Instant SEPA Credit Transfers can be used to replace traditional SEPA Credit Transfers as additional proof to speed up the KYC process.
  • A new payment method for our agents to top-up their wallets
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • You can be instantly informed about the availability of funds in the account

SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Core Payments

Thanks to our API, you can offer an online SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) solution to your customers to simplify processing your service’s recurring payments. 

What are the main characteristics of SDD?

  • Payment in euros
  • No amount limit
  • 140 characters maximum for the payment reference
  • 2-5 business days for processing time
  • Mandatory electronic mandate and Unique Mandate Reference (UMR)

Treezor will support you by providing you with its own SEPA Creditor Identifier (SCI) and can also manage electronic payment mandates (an authorization to debit an account). Upon request, we can also take the necessary steps with the Bank of France to obtain a personalized SCI on behalf of your company.

B2B SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Payments

The Treezor API also allows you to make B2B SEPA Direct Debits (SDDs). This payment method can only be used by the Tax Agency and for direct debits between companies. The execution times and collection of the B2B SDD is faster and the repayment terms are very restrictive. To implement this service, you can use Treezor’s SCI or our teams can help you set up your own SCI. 

What are the characteristics of the B2B SEPA Direct Debit?

  • Entirely for businesses
  • Payment in euros
  • No amount limit
  • Irreversible
  • 1 business day processing time
  • 140 characters maximum for the payment reference
  • Mandatory electronic mandate and Unique Mandate Reference (UMR)

Additional information about SEPA

The SEPA zone includes 36 countries, 27 of which are European Union countries as well as Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Saint Martin, the Vatican, Andorra, and the United Kingdom. This baseline format was introduced to harmonize, secure and streamline payment methods in euros, such as transfers and direct debits, between member countries.
SEPA can also speed up transaction processing times and reduce costs.

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