Our SEPA solutions (direct debits and credit transfers)

The SEPA zone is made up of 36 countries, including 27 European Union countries as well as Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, San Marino, the Vatican, Andorra, and the United Kingdom. The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) was introduced to harmonize, secure and facilitate payments in euros, such as SEPA credit transfers and direct debits, between member countries. SEPA also aims to speed up transaction processing times and reduce costs. 

Here are a few of the benefits of SEPA payments (credit transfers or direct debits) with Treezor:

  • Easy to use: all SEPA transactions are available via API. Therefore, you don’t need to implement the EBICS protocol to transfer payment orders under Treezor’s license (Agent model) or under your own license (Regulated Institution model). 
  • An integrated offer: our payment module is directly integrated into the interface with our core banking, making it easy to automate accounting reconciliation and quickly implement it.
  • Implementation and regulatory controls handled by Treezor: for example, AML-CFT procedures and embargo sanctions are handled entirely by Treezor, saving you a lot of time and reducing your time-to-market.

SEPA Credit Transfers: Standard and Instant (SCT Inst)

There are two types of SEPA credit transfers:

1. Standard credit transfer (SEPA Credit Transfer – SCT)

Since August 1, 2014, the SEPA Credit Transfer (“Single Euro Payments Area”) replaced national credit transfers.

The SEPA credit transfer is a transfer made in euro currency from one account to another in the SEPA area. It is carried out under the same conditions as a national transfer: same price and same execution time. The funds are credited to the beneficiary’s account within one business day of the issuer’s bank receiving the instructions. Transfer orders made on paper require an additional day.

2. Instant credit transfer (SEPA Instant Credit Transfer – SCT Inst)

Compared to the Standard Credit Transfer, the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer has many advantages:

  • It can be used as an additional due diligence measure to speed up the KYC process
  • New payment method for instantly topping up an account
  • Available 24/7 (unit processing)
  • Get real-time information about an account’s available funds
  • Instantly credit a recipient’s account for refunds
  • Connection to clearing houses (CSM): EBA Clearing RT-1, STET Core and TIPS which enable better European reachability

What does Treezor offer in terms of SEPA credit transfers?

Treezor has a SEPA credit transfer solution for sending or receiving money (in euros) from one account to another in the SEPA zone. 

Available via API, Treezor’s solution makes it easy to securely make standard incoming and outgoing SEPA transfers (SCT) and instant SEPA transfers (SCT Inst).

We process SEPA transfers several times a day (in batches), reducing the time it takes for the funds to reach the customers’ accounts. Treezor can notify you in real-time via API about each new event (if a transfer is rejected, when it is sent to the clearing house, etc.), so you can receive updates instantly. 

Treezor also offers other services, such as:

  • Recurring transfers and batch transfers (in mass from a file in PAIN.001 format)
  • Recall requests management (Recall and Request of Recall by Originator) if there is a recipient error or when the transfer is fraudulent/a duplicate
  • Rejection management with information provided to the Agent when the account is closed
  • AML-CFT regulatory controls (embargo sanctions) and mandatory compliance controls (name and address) handled by Treezor
  • Transaction scoring: Treezor analyzes the transactions, with the possibility of cancellation
  • Automatic credits and/or debits of user accounts
  • Regulatory archiving of remittances and possible restitutions
  • Treezor verifies the reachability and validity of the beneficiary

Did you know?

Between January and December 2022, Treezor has processed more than 9.4 billion euros of SCT  (receiving and issuing)

SEPA Direct Debits: SDD Core and SDD B2B

There are two types of SEPA direct debits:

1. Core Direct Debit (Classic SEPA Direct Debit – SDD Core)

This type of direct debit is suitable for all customers, both for outgoing and incoming payments.

  • Payment in euros
  • No amount limit
  • 140 characters maximum for the payment reference
  • 2-5 business days for processing time
  • Mandatory electronic mandate and Unique Mandate Reference (UMR)
  • Right to be reimbursed (8 weeks and 13 months in case of invalid mandate)
  • Treezor has an electronic signature solution, which allows you to digitize the direct debit mandates and simplify your customer’s user experience.

2. B2B direct debit (SEPA Direct Debit – B2B SDD)

Treezor’s API also allows you to receive SEPA direct debits: SDD B2B. This payment method is mainly used by tax authorities and for SEPA direct debits between companies. The execution and collection times of the SDD B2B are faster, and the reimbursement conditions are very restrictive.

Treezor is required to verify the B2B direct debit mandates (only for receiving).

The main characteristics of the B2B SDD:

  • Entirely for businesses
  • Payment in euros
  • No amount limit
  • Irreversible
  • 1 business day processing time
  • 140 characters maximum for the payment reference

What does Treezor offer in terms of SEPA direct debits?

Thanks to our API, you can offer an online SEPA direct debit solution to your customers to facilitate recurring payments (outgoing and incoming). On request, we can take the necessary steps with the Banque de France to obtain a personalized ICS in your company’s name.

Treezor offers the following additional services:

  • Generation of the Core direct debit mandate 
  • Issuing and receiving SDD Core transactions
  • Receiving SDD B2B tranxsactions
  • Customizable ICS
  • Management of a blacklist of mandates (RUM)
  • AML-CFT regulatory controls
  • Regulatory controls (embargo sanctions)
  • Compliance checks (name and address)
Did you know?

Between January and December 2022, Treezor has processed more than 1.5 billion euros of SDDs (receiving and issuing)

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