Social and environmental commitment is a part of Treezor’s DNA.

Treezor calculates and keeps track of its carbon footprint each year and is committed to reducing it. We use a carbon footprint measurement tool that analyzes the direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gasses generated by Treezor’s business activities. This tool enables Treezor to measure its carbon footprint and develop an improvement plan accordingly. 

But Treezor’s commitment doesn’t stop there. The company has defined its CSR approach based on three pillars.

Pillar #1: Our commitment to our employees

Since Treezor was founded, the company has advocated for a “Zero paper” policy. Most internal and external documents are stored digitally and all employees, customers and partners can edit or sign documents electronically in order to avoid wasting paper. Over the past 5 years, we have placed recycling bins throughout all our offices and made recycling a priority.

The top-management at Treezor has also implemented a policy that encourages the use of more sustainable transportation for business trips, such as taking a train instead of flying whenever possible. 

Furthermore, in 2021 the company implemented an “open working” policy to encourage remote working for all employees. These measures aim to increase the well-being and working conditions of Treezor’s employees as well as reduce greenhouse gasses emissions caused by commuting to the office.

Pillar #2: Our commitment to our customers, partners and suppliers

Treezor is proud to support the growth of companies whose social and/or environmental impact is at the heart of their projects and this is the case for several of Treezor’s clients. A few examples are: 

  • OnlyOne is a fintech that makes it easy for users to calculate the carbon footprint of their purchases. 
  • The company Finense provides a solution that helps elderly people or individuals needing assistance protect their transactions. 
  • Handsome is a company that provides a payment solution for the visually impaired.
  • Betterway and Skipr provide apps that encourage employees to use sustainable transportation.

Treezor is also committed to its customers by giving them the option to support projects with a positive environmental impact such as reforestation or cleaning up beaches in France.  

When it comes to our suppliers, Treezor chooses companies that make an effort to limit their environmental impact. For example, some of our suppliers plant trees for every order we place. In addition, we try to limit our carbon footprint when we are present at showrooms or exhibitions. All our paper items such as our brochures and business cards are printed on 100% recycled paper and the pens we hand out during events are made of biodegradable bioplastic.  

Pillar #3: Our commitment to Green IT

Regarding our tech, Treezor is also committed to adopting a responsible digital approach called Green IT. 

This approach is demonstrated by our choice of cloud hosting company which is committed to sustainable development by planning to switch to 100% renewable energy in all its data-centers by 2025.

In terms of development methods, Treezor has moved towards a serverless technology approach. Serverless architecture is more effective because it uses less energy. The hosting company manages the servers needed to run the applications properly. This enables them to optimize resource management and reduce the number of servers which in turn limits the environmental impact of the data-centers. 

Thanks to Treezor’s Green IT initiative, we have already saved the equivalent of 13.8 million tons of CO² between January and May 2022. 

Treezor remains committed to its goal of keeping control of its energy consumption and reducing its carbon emissions. 

In addition, Treezor is a subsidiary of the Societe Generale group and supports their commitments in 4 key areas, which form the framework of responsible banking: 

  • a culture of responsibility
  • being a responsible employer
  • supporting the environmental transition
  • a positive local impact

Societe Generale group’s aim to become a world leader in sustainable finance is set out in its 2025 environmental strategy which is based on two pillars: adding environmental criteria to all business line activities (such as providing 100% responsible savings offers, supporting clients with their energy transition, etc.) and committing to the sustainable transition (€300 billion in support of sustainable finance between 2022 and 2025, 10% reduction in oil and gas extraction portfolio by 2025, withdrawal from the coal sector by 2030 for the EU and OECD countries and by 2040 for other countries, etc.).

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