What is Certified Video (or PVID, Prestataires de Vérification d’Identité à Distance*)? 

Certified Video is a technology that enables the identity of an individual to be verified remotely and in real time via video (using a smartphone camera), in a secure manner that complies with French regulatory and ANSSI security requirements. This technique uses facial recognition, biometrics and innovative verification techniques. To optimize the digital onboarding process for customers, Treezor makes this innovative technology (combining Artificial Intelligence and video streaming) available to enable individuals’ identity to be verified in a matter of seconds. 

This remote video verification process offers a level of reliability almost equivalent to that of a face-to-face onboarding process (substantial level of security).

A high-performance solution that enhances your customer experience

PVID-certified video technology is designed to be used via a 100% mobile user path to speed up KYC file submission and analysis while maintaining a very high level of security. 

This innovative path integrates two mandatory complementary vigilance measures, and therefore requires no additional action on the part of the customer. As a result, it simplifies the onboarding process for users, thus responding to their need for speed.

A solution to enhance the security of the KYC process

PVID solutions use advanced facial recognition techniques to guarantee the authenticity of the individual involved in the identification and verification process. This is an effective preventive measure against identity theft and fraud attempts, while offering highly reliable identity verification.

Whatever the method chosen (standard KYC services, KYC Liveness or Certified KYC Liveness), Treezor guarantees a rigorous and varied identity verification process, to meet the specific needs of its customers in terms of security, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

The solutions provided by Treezor are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compatible and compliant with secure digital identity verification standards and methods (eIDAS, AML5 and PSD2).

* “Prestataires de Vérification d’Identité à Distance”: Remote Identity Verification Service Providers

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