An embedded multi-device payment solution

Our solution for acquiring payments is compatible with any device and allows transactions, cards or other alternative payment methods to be accepted on merchant websites.
The payment solution is adapted to the needs of marketplaces and is secure according to the PCI-DSS standard. The solution is easy to integrate so you can quickly start your business and it is compliant with regulation. You can process payments online in Europe and accelerate the development of your business activity.

Main features of the payment solution

Treezor’s payment acquiring solution can be customized with many features such as one-click payments, payments by subscription, anti-fraud tools, option to disable 3D- secure, no distance selling contract option, and personalized payment pages.

Virtual IBAN Issuing Solution

Treezor offers a virtual IBAN issuing solution for companies processing a large volume of transfers and wishing to benefit from a product that facilitates the reconciliation of accounting transactions.
Treezor’s API allows you to generate virtual IBANs to receive or issue payments, and includes 3 optional settings so you can customize each virtual IBAN by validity date, maximum transaction amount, & maximum number of transactions.
For example, this innovative solution enables you to have an associated IBAN with its own characteristics for each payment or invoice issued or received.

Online check acquiring

Treezor offers an API check cashing service to its partners. This white-label digital payment solution offers an evermore embedded customer experience with the product. The developed service relies on filters and scoring modules to secure the transaction as much as possible and authorize the delivery of checks for both individuals and professionals.
Checks are an attractive alternative because it gives end customers the possibility of accepting a deferred payment method.
This service meets the needs of companies wishing to offer various payment methods for their users to expand their ability to collect funds. Checks still represent a significant part of financial transactions on certain local markets in Europe, especially among freelance professionals.
Upon request, it is also possible to put a guarantee in place and entrust the collection of payments to a third party.

Our solution is available via Treezor’s API

Treezor’s 100% white-label acquiring solution ensures an optimal payment experience for users and high conversion rates. It also makes it possible to quickly collect funds (within 2 business days) and efficiently fight against fraud thanks to relevant business filters. The solution can be embedded through the Treezor API or an SDK.

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