Card Issuing Program

Thanks to Treezor, you have the possibility to choose the design of your end-users’ cards before their activation. In parallel, Treezor has its own CMS (Card Management System) that allows you to define custom card profiles for each employee.

Ultra-secure X-Pay program

Treezor has experience with card tokenization that enables mobile pay (Apple Pay, Google Pay) for contactless payments at stores. This technology transforms the cardholder’s banking information into a digital token which is encrypted and stored confidentially.

Payment authorization

Treezor can issue payment cards that can be limited to a pre-defined list of stores. We can also help you set up an authorization network and white-list brands.
Finally, the management of the authorization rules for these cards can be configured via the Treezor API or it can be delegated to you so you can control the use of payment cards to best suit your needs.

Success story : Swile x Treezor

Other use cases


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Regulated Institutions

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