Card program management

Treezor can help you manage your card program. Treezor is an authorized Electronic Money Institution. Easily implement your own card issuing program while Treezor takes care of setting up the program with stakeholders (network, processor, card printer, etc.) and launch your product quickly.

Treezor will support you every step of the way:

  • Registration of the program with the regulator and the scheme
  • Integration of the API and the program into the payment chain
  • Validation of the technical integration and tests
  • Printing and sending the cards to the cardholder

Thanks to the Treezor Studio, you have a wide range of possibilities to personalize your card program.

Design your payment card in a matter of minutes with our templates and our documentation. Our teams will guide you through the different options for customizing your card.

BIN Sponsorship

Having the status of Electronic Money Institution enables Treezor to issue payment cards for businesses and consumers throughout the European Union. In fact, Treezor is a Principal Member of the Mastercard network and has its own Bank Identification Number (BIN) (Business and Consumer).

What is a BIN?

The BIN (Bank Identification Number) corresponds to the first 4-6 digits of a payment card and identifies:

  • the card issuer (bank or financial institution)
  • the acceptance network (Visa, Mastercard, etc. )
  • the type of card (credit, debit or prepaid)

It is an important part of identifying transactions with merchants. Treezor is a Principal Member of the Mastercard scheme and has the necessary regulatory authorizations to provide a BIN Sponsor service. Treezor, via its license, can thus assign ICAs (Interbank Card Association) and BIN issuing payment card programs in the European Union.

What are the benefits of Treezor’s BIN Sponsorship services?

The Treezor team supports you throughout the project with the scheme to ensure the efficiency and compliance of the card program. With Treezor’s BIN Sponsorship, take advantage of the opportunity to quickly and cheaply launch your card issuing project in Europe.

  • Program cost optimization
  • Expertise and project management
  • Fast time-to-market

Depending on the type of collaboration chosen, Treezor can coordinate all actions with the various key partners: processor, printer, regulator, KYC provider.

Treezor gives access to the Mastercard network and guarantees the program respects the technical constraints of the electronic payment chain and the AML-FT rules in force regardless of the card program: Prepaid, Debit, Credit, etc.

  • Regulatory aspects management
  • Integration with Mastercard or other networks
  • Marketed product validation

Choosing the payment card network

Whatever kind of project you have, we offer the possibility to create payment cards and fully customize them to best meet the needs of your customers. Treezor’s card solution enables the creation of tailor-made card programs based on specific uses: financial management, payment, creating loyalty and so on. The offer is based on prepaid or regular plastic or virtual payment cards (Mastercard or Visa) linked to an account (wallet). Embed our solution through the Treezor API. Discover the API technical documentation

Payment card features

Treezor will help you define your needs to create a payment card that is adapted to your project, at an affordable price. Create innovative payment accounts that allow the management of shared expenses (family, spouse, roommates, etc.) and in several currencies. With Treezor, you can simplify the on-boarding of users and give them the ability to dynamically set the card options (limits, blocking, NFC, online purchasing or ATM withdrawals).

Mobile payments with a digital card in a wallet

Treezor provides a card issuing solution compatible with X-Pay wallets. This service is based on Mastercard’s tokenization technology. The white-label plastic or virtual payment cards which work with Apple, Google and Samsung enable your end-users to make contact-free purchases in stores. X-Pay solutions offer a new, simpler and safer payment experience for cardholders thanks to their biometric authentication system.

Apple Pay

The mobile pay solution that uses Apple’s wallet to pay online or offline with a digital card. The development and integration project for Apple Pay is longer than for other wallet providers. Apple also has marketing and technical requirements to allow distribution of the service to end customers. Before deploying Apple Pay in new countries, a new certification step is mandatory.

  • OCR
  • In-App provisioning
  • Contactless payment without amount limit
  • 4-month project
  • Marketing investment
  • Apple certification

Google Pay

The mobile payment solution that uses Google’s wallet to pay online or offline with a digital card. There is no additional charge for transactions made with Google Pay.

  • OCR
  • In-App provisioning
  • Contactless payment without amount limit
  • 3-month project

Samsung Pay

The mobile payment solution that uses Samsung’s wallet to pay online or offline with a digital card. There is no additional charge for transactions made with Samsung Pay.

  • OCR
  • In-App provisioning
  • Contactless payment without amount limit
  • 3-month project

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