Managing your Card Program

Thanks to our One-stop-shop approach, Treezor, as an ACPR-approved Electronic Money Institution (EMI) and leading member of international card networks, handles the implementation with the various players (card network or “scheme”, processor, card printer, …) and allows you to easily launch your service in an optimal timeframe. Treezor’s experts help you to create your card program (payment, mobility, gifts, business…) and to choose your product (prepaid, debit, credit…). You can thus set up your own card program without difficulty and in full compliance. 

Treezor accompanies you at all the key stages:

  • Declaration of the program to the regulator and the card acceptance network (scheme)
  • Integration of the API and the program in the electronic payment chain
  • Validation of technical integration and testing
  • Printing and shipping of the cards to the cardholder or to the company’s headquarters

Our physical and virtual card issuance programs include the ability to customize your cards according to your brand strategy: material, design, packaging…

Easily create your payment card design and our documentation. Our teams will guide you through the different options for personalizing your card.

Our BIN Sponsorship services

The status of Electronic Money Institution and principal member gives Treezor the ability to issue payment cards to businesses and consumers in all the countries in which Treezor has a passport (25 countries – list available in the Financial Agents Registry). As a principal member of the international card acceptance networks or “schemes”, Treezor has its own Bank Identification Number or BIN (Business and Consumer).

What is a BIN?

The BIN (Bank Identification Number) corresponds to the first 6/8 digits of a payment card and identifies:

  • the card issuer (bank, financial institution, EMI)
  • the acceptance network or scheme (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)
  • the type of card (credit, debit or prepaid)

It is an essential element for the identification of transactions with stores and traders. Treezor, being a Principal Member of Mastercard and VISA schemes, is able to provide a BIN Sponsorship service. Treezor, through this license, can thus assign ICA (Interbank Card Association) numbers and BINs per customer for the issuance of your payment card programs in the European Union.

What are the advantages of using Treezor as issuer?

Treezor’s team supports you throughout the project with the chosen acceptance network (scheme) to ensure the efficiency and compliance of the card program. With Treezor, you can thus easily launch your card issuing project in Europe at an attractive cost while enjoying the following advantages:

  • Optimization of the program cost
  • Expertise and project management
  • Speed to market

Treezor gives access to the Mastercard or VISA network and guarantees that the program meets the technical constraints of the electronic payment chain and the LCB-FT rules in force whatever the card program (Prepaid, Debit, Credit, Business or Consumer, etc.):

  • Management of regulatory aspects
  • Implementation with Mastercard and Visa networks
  • Validation of marketed products


The choice of card scheme

Treezor is a principal member of both international acceptance networks or “schemes”, Visa and Mastercard, and is therefore able to support you according to the chosen scheme. You can therefore associate your chosen acceptance network’s payment cards with your customers’ accounts.

Available payment card features

Treezor has its own Card Management System (CMS) that allows you to define personalized card profiles for each user. With Treezor, you can instantly create a virtual card and re-empower your users by allowing them to set all the card options directly from their application:

  • Access to updated balances
  • Limit and cap management
  • Temporary blocking of the card
  • Cancel the card
  • Customize restrictions: NFC, ATM withdrawal, Internet, Stores…

We accompany you throughout your project and help you define a custom card profile for systematic authorization cards or a hybrid online/offline profile.

External authorization 

With Treezor, you also have the possibility of receiving an external authorization request to validate or refuse a transaction of a card issued through our e-money issuer license. Treezor remains in charge of the various controls, but thus gives you the ability to intervene in the card payment decision chain, to meet your specific requirements (products or customers).

Treezor offers you a card lifecycle and transaction management system that allows for flexible configurating. For the implementation of your own management rules, you can use Treezor’s configuration solution, based on the card transaction data reported by the acceptance networks, or our external authorization system allowing you to apply your business rules.

Mobile payment by digitalized card in a wallet

Treezor offers a solution for issuing cards compatible with X-Pay wallets. This service is based on schemes’ tokenization technology and allows to provide white-label payment cards, physical or virtual, that work with all smartphones via Apple-Pay or Google-Pay to pay for purchases in stores in contactless mode or within mobile applications. X-Pay wallets offer cardholders a new payment experience that is more seamless and secure thanks to their biometric authentication system.

Apple Pay

The mobile payment solution uses the Apple wallet to pay online or offline, with a digitalized card. You should bear in mind that the development and integration project for Apple Pay can be longer than for other wallet providers, as Apple has defined marketing (budget to be allocated) and technical (mobile application certification) requirements to authorize the deployment of the service to end customers. Also, before launching Apple Pay in new countries, a new certification step is mandatory.

  • OCR
  • In-App provisioning
  • Contactless payment, no limit on the amount
  • Marketing investment according to the contractual requirements of the wallet provider
  • Apple certification from a certified and independent laboratory

Google Pay

The mobile payment solution uses the Google wallet to pay with a digitized card that can be used on all Android phones (including Samsung and Google).  The deployment process is also regulated but is less restrictive than for Apple Pay.

  • OCR
  • In-App provisioning
  • Contactless payment, no limit on the amount
  • 3 months of project

Samsung Pay

The implementation of the mobile payment solution using the Samsung wallet is available upon request.

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