Core Banking

Treezor’s core banking gives you the possibility to rapidly develop innovative financial products while limiting investments, risks and development time. It is a solution via API that simplifies integration within the IS and avoids complex connections to banking systems to stay focused on the user experience.

Treezor, being in charge of the KYC procedure, is able to open accounts for clients and assign for each user, a wallet with a dedicated IBAN (the BIC and IBANs are those of Treezor) and a payment card.

Card issuing and processing

Treezor is the issuer of virtual and/or plastic, personalized or co-branded cards. These cards can be compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay wallet technologies. Treezor is in charge of the various reports required by the scheme and the wallet providers. Treezor processes all card payments and manages the charge-back procedures as an issuer.

BIN Sponsorship

Treezor is a Principal Member of the Mastercard network and can issue prepaid or debit cards regardless of the end customer, whether they are an individual or a company.

SEPA processing

The Treezor platform processes all SEPA (Batch file) payments in euros according to the French banking calendar and the cut off times defined by the Lead Bank. Fintechs can access all SEPA payment methods (SCT, SDD Core, SDD B2B) by connecting to the Treezor API according to the options subscribed and the risk associated with the project.

The Treezor platform processes all instant transfers in euros (unit payment in near real time) in issuing or receiving payments in the SEPA zone (SCT Inst and SCT Inst R).

Other use cases

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