Account opening & KYC

Treezor can provide a payment account for each company to simplify collecting funds, managing mobility budgets and reimbursements to employees.
As per the current legislation, Treezor provides a white-label KYC (Know Your Consumer) and/or KYB (Know Your Business) service for each payment account that is opened in order to verify the identity of your clients (companies) as well as their end users (employees). This hybrid service combines an automatic analysis of required documents with a human verification of the entire file.

Card issuing and card programs

Treezor will assist you with implementing your card program according to your needs for paying for mobility services (electric vehicles, recharging, gas, etc.).
Whether it’s a prepaid, co-branded, plastic or virtual card, you will be able to easily manage costs related to corporate mobility projects.
The cards issued by Treezor are X-Pay compatible with (Apple Pay and Google Pay).

Customizable payment thresholds and restrictions

Security is one of Treezor’s priorities and we put measures in place to control the use of the cards.
You can set thresholds and limits for your corporate customers’ cards. We can also set up payment restrictions for a limited network of merchants via an authorized “white-list” if needed.
You can rely on the technology developed by Treezor to set up your mobility card to be used. Our system can be adapted for the specific requirements defined by your business for each of your corporate customers. Alternatively, you can use external authorization to determine whether to bounce or accept payments based on specific criteria according to your business’s requirements.

Success story : Skipr x Treezor

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