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Treezor has developed a high-performance proprietary solution, compliant with regulations, and which is based on the latest technologies available. A secure and efficient platform on which you can rely to scale your activity.

All features are accessible via a REST API to simplify the technical integration of developers. A free and dedicated Sandbox for each customer is also available to benefit from a test environment.

Treezor can also provide a complete back-office to manage your project on a daily basis and monitor the various transactions.

A secure platform

Treezor has developed an efficient and secure proprietary platform that meets regulatory requirements. This platform makes it possible to simplify and streamline the management of business transactions. This solution is the result of many years of research and more than 10 years of operational experience in payments.

A comprehensive and reliable API

The Treezor API is easy to understand and easy for developers to integrate. It is flexible and able to adapt to suit your business in the best way. Whatever your project (marketplace, neobank, E-shop, etc.) or your need (card program, subscription solution, KYC, etc.), improve the payment experience for the end users through the Treezor API.

The documentation of the Treezor API, available online on REST, gives a precise view of all our web services. It is clear and comprehensive in order to guide you through the development phase.


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TRZ Connect, Treezor’s embedded finance solution

A “Fintech in a box” solution

Treezor Connect (TRZ Connect) is Treezor’s embedded finance solution. The integration of all financial services is made easy with a fast time-to-market, securely and without technical complexity.

Treezor designed this solution as the marketplace for financial services, to allow all of its customers to benefit from its innovations and also those of its partners. The goal is clear: to implement innovative payment solutions for everyone.

Secured by

A complete banking back office

TRZ Connect embeds a wide range of features for both business objectives and regulatory constraints. You benefit from reporting features and a customizable dashboard for real-time monitoring of operations.

  • management of payment orders,
  • settlement,
  • notifications,
  • account statements generation,
  • compliance checks,
  • KYC, KYB…

A 100% financial services marketplace

TRZ Connect is part of the one stop shop logic of Treezor, leader in Banking as a Service. By integrating all of Treezor’s partner solutions into the platform. You can thus gain access to the first European financial services marketplace.

Viewing and finding
user information
Card management:
lock, unlock,
opposition, limits…
Display of balance
and transactions

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