Since 2016, Treezor has been enabling fintechs and businesses to benefit from its Electronic Money Institution (EMI) accreditation and technology so they can provide innovative payment solutions that are integrated into their offering and scalable. As a general-purpose BaaS platform, Treezor provides white-label financial services in Europe.

Why choose Treezor to develop your payment services? With its personalized support, robust shareholder base and reliable infrastructure, Treezor is a dependable partner for the success of your embedded finance projects.

Customized integration of your payment services

To meet the projects and objectives of fintechs and businesses, Treezor offers a modular solution that enables you to develop payment services as your needs evolve by gradually adding the chain’s different building blocks. In particular, you have access to a wide range of APIs:

  • open payment or e-money accounts via a digitalized, fast, seamless and proven Know Your Customer (KYC) process compatible with European regulatory requirements;reload accounts via credit card;
  • receive and issue standard and instant SEPA credit transfers and SDD Core and B2B direct debits;
  • issue virtual and/or physical payment cards customized to your brand image and compatible with Apple- and Google-Pay wallets.
Treezor’s many experts can help you with technical, compliance and regulatory issues to optimize time-to-market. They can help you launch the most innovative projects capable of shaking up current practices in mobility, employee benefits, savings, digital banking and “neobanking”, accounting and social assistance.

Treezor can provide you with its robust and flexible proprietary core banking and is committed to working alongside you to create an enriched payment experience via an intuitive and seamless customer journey.

Our teams study your specifications and business rules to develop customized services. They adopt a co-constructive approach to help you strengthen your value proposition.

Tailor-made support to develop your projects

Treezor is also unique in being the only BaaS provider capable of providing payment services, e-money and purely technical services thanks to its accreditations and proprietary technology. Treezor is a creative and innovative hub for your payments, whatever your field of activity or license.

The Company’s acquisition by Societe Generale in 2019 has enabled the business to post solid growth and a 5-fold increase in staff numbers (220 employees to date). It has a diversified team of payment experts: risk, compliance, security, product, IT and customer success. For its strategic orientations, the company has an experienced management committee, which reflects Treezor’s history, combining entrepreneurs and bank executives.

To best serve companies’ interests and anticipate future developments in payments, Treezor can count on the support of two shareholders of international stature.

  • Societe Generale, the main shareholder, gives Treezor the capacity to offer more payment services based on the Group’s technical infrastructures and to reinforce the compliance of its offering. The joint Treezor-Societe Generale offering even enables regulated institutions to become SEPA sub-participants while continuing to rely on Treezor’s technology and APIs.
  • Mastercard has enabled Treezor to become a key member of its network and benefit from additional sales, technology and communication resources.

These strategic players contribute to Treezor’s ability to meet the needs of all its customers: startups, large corporations and regulated institutions.

Reliable, scalable and secure technology and platform

Treezor has set itself high standards in terms of security and scalability. We store our customers’ data in France, in compliance with GDPR rules, and our platform is capable of handling very high traffic peaks. Treezor handles several million transactions a day, with peaks sometimes exceeding 200,000 transactions an hour.

These results are based on a robust and flexible API, hosted in the Cloud via a serverless IT infrastructure to guarantee service availability whatever the activity on the platform.

What’s more, Treezor has several strings to its bow when it comes to increasing the security of financial transactions.

  • Operating procedures that draw on the knowledge and expertise of the Societe Generale group
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) helps reduce payment fraud and boost user confidence.
  • The ANSSI-certified KYC Liveness solution, which uses certified video (PVID), is designed to speed up identity verification procedures while guaranteeing their reliability.

With Treezor, you can focus on your core business and create a frictionless customer journey to optimize the acquisition of new users for your applications.

A project gas pedal in compliance with the European regulatory framework

Between RGPD, DPS2, KYC procedures and anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing (AML-FT) rules, regulatory and compliance requirements represent a major challenge that can impact a project’s profitability.

Treezor makes compliance a priority. We carry out various screening procedures, such as the PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) Check and screening against international sanction lists, and complies with FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and CRS (Common Reporting Standard) norms.

Regarding the possibilities its platform offers, thanks to its technical flexibility, Treezor covers a wide range of applications in banking, insurance, investment, healthcare, education, real estate, crowdfunding, marketplaces, etc.

In recent years, Treezor has become the benchmark platform for:

  • the digitization of employee benefits (Titres Spéciaux de Paiement Dématérialisés, or TSPD, i.e. special paperless payment orders): luncheon vouchers, gift vouchers distributed by the CSE business and social council, culture vouchers, vacation bonuses, etc.
  • mobility, one of the Societe Generale group’s three strategic verticals. Examples include projects linked to the Employee Mobility Budget (management of travel expenses) and the Forfait Mobilités Durables allowance (with the employer paying for employees’ “soft” transport costs);
  •  “neo-accounts”, by providing these new banking applications with a complete suite of services, facilitating the creation of a personal or business account with an IBAN and an ultra-customizable payment card configurable in just a few hours.

Treezor’s technical and legal expertise means you can be up and running quickly and accelerate the market launch of payment services in your applications, generating additional revenue to boost sales and customer loyalty.

Treezor, a Europe-wide electronic money institution

Founded in 2016, Treezor is the pioneer of BaaS and embedded finance. With over 150 customers supported since its launch in France and across Europe, more than 4.6 million cards issued and over 60 billion euros in transactions processed, Treezor has become a benchmark in BaaS and a European leader in embedded finance.

Treezor is licensed to provide payment services in 25 countries, and has operations in several European countries, including Germany, Spain, France and Italy. If an institution wishes to offer its services in other European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) countries, the principle of mutual recognition of authorizations will allow Treezor’s corporate customers to benefit from the European passport, and from the status of payment service agent or e-money distributor, relying on Treezor’s license.

This means that Treezor customers’ financial services can be deployed in other EU member states without the usual constraints associated with obtaining country-specific licenses.

This approach simplifies European expansion, cuts red tape and lowers costs while ensuring compliance with local regulations. Treezor’s status as an e-money agent or distributor thus offers wider and faster access to financial services in several countries.

Awards and commitments

Treezor has earned several nicknames since its launch – the “Fintech of Fintechs” or the “Unicorn Farmer” – thanks to the support of some of the biggest names in French tech, including Qonto, Lydia, Swile and Shine.

In 2019, Treezor was recognized as one of the top five FW500 companies, while Business Insider named it one of the best Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platforms. In 2018, Treezor’s commitment to innovation was rewarded with the prestigious MCDS Innovation Award from Mastercard.

In 2021, Treezor was awarded the “Transformer” label in Aperture’s (a Swiss consultancy founded by fintech experts) report on BaaS and embedded finance. The following year, Treezor was a finalist in the “Best embedded finance initiative” category in the Banking Tech Awards 2022, organized annually by Fintech Futures, a global platform dedicated to the analysis of financial innovations.

These accolades testify to Treezor’s relevant and innovative approach, confirming its ability to serve disruptive use cases for both startups and major corporations.

Treezor is also committed to social and environmental responsibility, and has implemented measures such as:

  • calculating its carbon impact;
  • drawing up an improvement plan;
  • a paperless approach;
  • an open working charter to encourage teleworking;
  • a Green IT approach.

When choosing a partner to support you in your payments projects, it’s essential to select an establishment that is solid, reliable and capable of supporting you over the long term, in several countries.  As a fintech backed by a major French bank, Treezor understands your issues and deploys the necessary resources to guide you along the path of innovation.

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