PixPay supports teenagers in their financial autonomy by providing them with an account and a payment card. Each card is linked to two mobile apps, one for the minor’s user, the other for the parents who can fund their child’s account and have a vision of their expenditure.



6 month


Challenges for Pixpay 

In France, traditional financial institutions do not truly address the needs of teenagers. However, habits are changing: teenagers are very connected and the health crisis has intensified the dematerialization of payment methods.

Pixpay is subject to European regulations regarding control and security. At the time of launch, Pixpay wanted a rapid time-to-market and a robust solution that integrated both the regulatory and technical aspects. The neobank for teenagers prefers to work with a French player that guarantees that the funds collected are kept in France. All these reasons led to the choice of Treezor.

Solution deployed

In 6 months, Pixpay’s project became a reality. In conjunction with Treezor, Pixpay deployed, during 2021, payment on Google Pay and Apple Pay, two features much sought-after by its users.

To date, Pixpay is still working with Treezor, as the deployed solution is robust and scalable. After its successful launch in France, Pixpay has started the deployment of the solution in Europe, including Spain and Italy.

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e-One: hyper-customization of payment cards thanks to Treezor 

Treezor gives Pixpay’s end customers the possibility of personalizing their payment cards. This can be an innovative tool in differentiation strategies, increasing activation and loyalty rates.

In addition to reduced time-to-market, card inventory management becomes simpler. And the hyper-customization strategy proposed by Treezor for Pixpay goes beyond the possibility of “branding” a card with a logo. It allows cardholders to express their personality, identify with their cards and create an emotional connection with the brand.