The project

Swile was launched in January 2017. The idea behind the project is to revolutionize the lunch and meal voucher industry, replacing the traditional paper vouchers distributed by companies to their employees with a digital solution coupled with a bank card – Apple Pay and Google Pay compatible.






corporate customers

  • In France, 4 million employees use meal vouchers
  • The market includes 140,000 private and public companies
  • More than 180,000 restaurants and retailers accept them
  • Swile has already raised over 45 million euros


The problem identified by Swile

  • Having a tailor-made solution that allows Swile to comply with the regulations concerning SPT (Specific Payment Vouchers).
  • Integrate limitations for access to restaurant services only.


The deployed solution

  • Enabling integrated solutions and limits for the TSP program that Swile wanted to implement.
  • Using an existing technology – the bank card – and Treezor’s infrastructure.
  • 1st Food application to be compatible with X-Pay in France
  • Real-time management of card limits and restrictions
  • White-listing of accepted merchants, hours of use, integrated regulatory amount
  • Real-time payment notifications
  • Printing of specific co-branded cards
  • Different types of card shipping

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