1 July 2020 Publication

Société Générale is acquiring freelancer challenger bank Shine

Société Générale is acquiring French startup Shine. Terms of the deal are undisclosed. According to a source, Shine is getting acquired for around €100 million in an all-cash deal (around $112.6 million). […] And it’s been working well with 70,000 freelancers and very small companies using Shine for their bank account. But Shine is built on … Continued

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11 June 2020 Publication

Is this the new face of Generation Z banking?

We’ve seen challenger banks for teens; we’ve seen pocket money apps for tweens; and now, Europe’s youngsters are getting a “messenger bank” — an encrypted chatbot that manages users’ finances and sends money via Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber. […] Nonetheless, Zelf — which is currently based in Latvia — has tried to establish its credentials by … Continued

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27 March 2020 Publication

Lightweight ‘banking via messaging’ services are getting Gen Z buzz

More evidence that Gen Z is switching to chat platforms for just about everything, including banking, emerges today in the news that Zelf, a fintech startup offering neobank-style services, is generating buzz amongst Gen-Zers in Spain and France. Its ability for users to interact solely via messaging has seen the startup hit over 260,000 card pre-orders … Continued

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18 December 2019 Publication

“Start with the why, and break out of the company mould”

Claire Calmejane has been chief innovation officer at Société Générale for just over a year, with a job description that includes identifying future trends and helping the 150-year-old French bank partner better with startups. Under her watch, Société Générale has acquired startups like Treezor, the banking-as-a-service platform, invested in Reezocar, the second-hand car startup,  and … Continued

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24 November 2018 Publication

Upflow turbocharges your invoices

Meet Upflow, a French startup that wants to help you deal with your outstanding invoices — the company first started at eFounders. If you’re running a small business, chances are you’re either wasting a ton of time or a ton of money on accounts receivable. […] But all of this is just one part of the product. … Continued

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24 September 2018 Publication

Qonto raises $23 million to improve business banking

French startup Qonto has raised a $23 million funding round for its fintech product. The company is trying to make business banking cheaper, faster and more efficient. […] With today’s funding round, the company plans to double the size of the team and create its own payment infrastructure. Qonto currently relies heavily on Treezor for the back end. … Continued

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4 September 2018 Publication

Shine grabs $9.3 million to build a bank for freelancers

French startup Shine is raising a $9.3 million (€8 million) Series A round. The company is building an alternative to traditional bank accounts for freelancers working in France. […] Shine doesn’t handle IBAN and cards directly. The company partners with Treezor for those banking features.

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20 March 2018 Publication

Lydia launches Lydia Premium

French startup Lydia announces two new things today. First, the company is launching a financial hub with multiple new products. Second, Lydia is announcing a new premium subscription to access those new features. […] Personal IBAN numbers and direct debits are no longer available for now — you could generate one for free. They’ll be … Continued

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5 July 2017 Publication

Qonto launches its digital bank accounts for small companies

French startup Qonto has raised another $11.3 million (€10 million) from existing investors Valar Ventures and Alven Capital. The company is now also open for business. You can now create a French business bank account on the company’s website. […] Behind the scene, Qonto partnered with Treezor for the back end. Treezor is the company that is actually managing your money. It generates … Continued

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16 January 2017 Publication

Qonto wants to become N26 for business banking

French startup Qonto has some ambitious goals and wants to become the best bank account you can get when you start a company in France. Just like N26 wants to be a more modern bank for everyone, Qonto wants to do the same thing, but for business accounts. […] Behind the scene, Qonto partnered with Treezor for the back end. … Continued

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