Matera, launched in 2017, is a company that makes it possible to automate and manage joint ownership trustees in an easy and intuitive way: this includes the automation of accounting, shareholders meetings tools, access to service providers selected by the community, as well as a tool to communicate effectively inside the joint ownership trustees.

Two innovative fintechs, which are revolutionizing their respective markets

This new approach is appealing, and it is visible with key figures. Thus, today more than 15% of joint ownership trustees in France, representing almost 3,000 trustees, are managed through Matera – and totally independently.

Treezor is a Banking-as-a-Service platform that centralizes and manages the entire payment chain thourhg 100% API-based solution. It allows companies like Matera to integrate payments quickly and securely. The integration of Treezor’s solution will allow Matera to automate the management of payments and provide a simplified customer journey. Another key advantage is that co-owners’ associations do not have to go back and forth between different banking establishments …

A neobank to improve the management of joint ownership trustees accounts

This alliance between a FinTech and a PropTech is not only intended to offer a new service, it mainly responds to another problem identified by Matera at the origin of the project: the synchronization of random bank data. Indeed, previously, Matera relied on Open Banking-type aggregators, which emerged thanks to the European DSP2 directive, to provide monitoring of trustee accounts, which made the management of flows uncertain and imprecise. Now, thanks to Treezor, monitoring is reliable and takes place in real time.

The two companies, leaders in their market, will thus make it possible to accelerate the digitization of payment solutions and bring innovation to the heart of households, in a new segment still little explored by fintechs.

About Treezor

Founded in 2016 by Éric Lassus and Xavier Labouret, acquired in 2019 by the Société Générale group, Treezor is a French Fintech specialized in Banking-as-a-Service services. The Fintech is a Mastercard Principal Member and an Electronic Money Institution approved by the French regulator (ACPR), enabling it to offer its solutions in Europe. Treezor allows startups, companies and financial institutions to cover the entire payment chain (payment cards issuing, SEPA, P2P transfers, KYC …) through its API. As a young and innovative company, Treezor devotes a significant part of its resources to developing new technologies. To find out more about Treezor’s payment solutions, visit, our Twitter @TreezorBanking, and our LinkedIn.

About Matera

At Matera, we believe that the problem does not lie so much in the quality of the joint ownership trustees as in the current mode of management. It is from this observation that Matera was born: we allow co-owners to manage their building themselves, without going through a professional property manager. By eliminating the intermediary, we save up to 50% of the charges, we fix a water leak in 24 hours and we promote friendliness between neighbors. And this, whatever the size of your joint ownership trustee. To learn more about Matera, visit the website