Optimize Software Spending and Enhance Operational Efficiency

Recognizing that software is the third largest expense for companies, with 20% of this budget wasted on unused or duplicate tools, WITHLESS offers an innovative solution to automate software management and eliminate time and cost inefficiencies through three key steps:

  1. Discovery: Identify automatically all software used by employees, whether paid, free, authorized, or unauthorized.
  2. Control: manage payments with cards designed to avoid undesired charges and eliminate admin work by automatically retrieving invoices and closing books. (integration with ERPs and Accounting software)
  3. Save: Get the most from every dollar spent on software, WithLess AI prevents renewing unused or overlapping software and monitors market prices to ensure you always get the best rates.

Through this approach, WITHLESS helps some of the most innovative EU companies optimize their software spending and enhance operational efficiency. By 2025, WITHLESS aims to help its customers save more than €10 million on their software expenditure.

Gianluca Treu, co-founder of WITHLESS, affirms: «Companies today simply can’t function without software. Choosing the right tools and avoiding wasting money can drastically affect margins. We leverage AI to help companies adopt the right tools and reach their goals WithLess time, money and admin work. »

Collaboration tailored to WITHLESS’s needs

To develop this solution, WITHLESS leveraged the expertise of Treezor, a pioneer and European leader in BaaS, to integrate payment solutions into its offering and enhance the user experience.

Treezor created a tailor-made solution for WITHLESS to meet its specific needs, including a 100% virtual Mastercard card program, utilizing specific authorization control capabilities tailored to WITHLESS use cases.

With Treezor’s solution, WITHLESS can also set specific rules for the virtual cards provided to its corporate clients, enabling the definition of payment limits, alerting, and blocking inappropriate transactions.

Beyond the card program, Treezor ensures risk and compliance management including WITHLESS’s client identity verification (KYB – Know Your Business) to manage new customer relationships and periodic reviews. With Treezor, WITHLESS wants to reduce the risk of fraud and money laundering and meet with local and european regulatory requirements

To date, Treezor is the only BaaS able to address all types of customer needs, from small start-ups to large multinationals and regulated institutions. The main advantage lies in its modular platform, which responds to the most prominent use cases.

The collaboration between WITHLESS and Treezor aligns with the internationalization strategy of both companies. While WITHLESS’s offering is currently available only to B2B clients in Italy, France, and Spain, Treezor will be able to support WITHLESS in expanding its service to multiple geographic areas thanks to its authorization to operate in 25 EU member countries.

“We experience a dynamic market in Italy and we openly collaborate with the national ecosystem to accelerate the development of Fintech. Treezor assists its partners in their growth and we are committed to provide our expertise and technology to any corporate and startup”, comments André Gardella, Treezor CEO. 

More details on Treezor: https://www.treezor.com/it/
Founded in 2016, Treezor is a Fintech regulated by the ACPR (french regulator) and passported in 25 countries as an electronic money institution. Treezor is also a principal member of international card networks, such as Mastercard. Acquired in 2019 by Société Générale group, Treezor is the European leader in Banking as a Service (BaaS) with over 80 billion euros in processed flows and 5 million cards issued, as well as an active presence in France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, and the Iberian Peninsula. Its Embedded Finance solution allows businesses to integrate white-label payment services into their offering via highly intuitive APIs (from acquisition to issuance). Treezor also provides regulatory expertise (KYC, AML/CFT…) and security to its clients and positions itself as an enabler for all types of unregulated companies or licensed institutions. Treezor has earned the nickname “Unicorn farmer,” having accompanied the emergence of numerous European payment unicorns. 

Follow us on Twitter @TreezorBanking and our website LinkedIn.

More details on WITHLESS:
WithLess is an innovative SaaS developed by H1 Finance, an Italian scale-up established in 2022 by two entrepreneurs. WithLess operates as a payment agent, seamlessly integrating advanced AI capabilities with best-in-class financial services (in partnership with Treezor) to help companies optimize their software spending.Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Optimization: WithLess AI solution automatically identifies all software subscribed by employees, measures their usage, and calculates ROI, providing actionable insights for better software management.
  • Advanced Payment Solutions: WithLess streamlines approval processes, allows delegated payments without losing control, and automatically closes books by retrieving and reconciling invoices to POs.

Following a beta phase involving hundreds of users, thousands of virtual cards issued, and millions transacted by leading companies in Italy, France, and Spain, WithLess is now expanding to other EU countries and becoming available to all companies.

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