Is this the new face of Generation Z banking?

We’ve seen challenger banks for teens; we’ve seen pocket money apps for tweens; and now, Europe’s youngsters are getting a “messenger bank” — an encrypted chatbot that manages users’ finances and sends money via Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber. […]

Nonetheless, Zelf — which is currently based in Latvia — has tried to establish its credentials by partnering with external banking platform Treezor, which is connected to Societe Generale. All users’ funds will be housed there, providing a layer of familiarity for those who read the fine print. […]

Additionally, although it’s a grey area, it’s within European legislation to do light KYC up to £150. Beyond that, users must text a photo of their ID and proof of address, which Treezor will process on Zelf’s behalf within 24 hours (“We would not be a good tool for illicit activity”). The company, therefore, won’t yet be able to provide full services to under 18s, who need their parents’ permission to complete KYC.