Leeto specializes in the digitization and development of services for CSEs (Comité Social et Économique), staff representation bodies in companies in France. The brand created in 2018 was born around a strong idea: to help the CSE accomplish its missions to enable it to work towards well-being and cohesion within companies.


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Challenges for Leeto

Leeto offers non-financial players Treezor’s embedded finance services: a unique opportunity to integrate financial services into their interfaces. What sets Leeto’s offering apart from its competitors is its all-in-one approach, perfectly adapted to the specific and complex needs of CSEs.

Available by subscription, Leeto has launched an innovative cloud-based SaaS platform offering a variety of services to CSEs, including bank account management, accounting, communication and the distribution of employee benefits such as sports, culture and travel sweepstakes, gift vouchers and many others.

By opting for the Leeto platform, CSEs can dispense with the red tape associated with their mission, and in particular the management of bank accounts. In this particular case, these constraints often come from traditional banks, and concern accounting obligations, transfer procedures, travel to branches, etc. 

In traditional banks, opening an account for a CSE also involves numerous formalities, and bank advisors are rarely familiar with the specificities of how CSEs operate. It can thus take between three and nine months to open an account with a traditional bank. 

Leeto frees up CSE representatives by eliminating these time-consuming administrative constraints. 

Solution deployed

Leeto has chosen to develop an online platform with administrator and employee access. The administrator access, intended for elected representatives, provides all the tools they need to carry out their tasks.

For employees, Leeto offers the possibility of benefiting from the many advantages made available by their CSE. In particular, they can request reimbursement of an expense linked to a sport, culture or vacation activity (which must be considered eligible by their companies), and will thus be reimbursed within 24 hours. This is a major change for employees, who previously had to wait several weeks for reimbursement.

The Leeto solution offers several advantages over its competitors: 

  • All-in-one approach: by integrating payment accounts within an employee benefits and management platform.
  • Merger of payment accounts: if a CSE has two budgets, the AEP (Operating Budget) and ASC (Social and Cultural Activities Budget), then Leeto brings these two payment accounts together on the same platform and offers the possibility of managing them simultaneously.  
  • Expense categorization via dedicated tools. 
  • Accounts can be opened in less than 24 hours in a completely paperless manner. 

Leeto aims to help the CSE accomplish all its missions, and is thus pursuing its objective of building a global and comprehensive platform for CSEs.

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