The report published by CRIF – (an Italian organization specializing in the management of credit information systems) in partnership with Fintastico (a platform that lists the most innovative financial services) illustrates the benefits of embedded finance for companies through case studies with the leading Fintechs in the sector.

Treezor is at the forefront, along with those who launched the embedded finance market.

According to analyses, the embedded finance market should represent more than 7,000 billion dollars in the coming years (Source: The potential is enormous: embedded finance makes a wide range of financial innovations and opportunities accesible for any size company, from fintechs to large corporations. With reduced time-to-market and investment, companies can use embedded finance to accelerate their customer acquisition process and enrich their product and service offerings. Thus, embedded finance makes it possible to refine customer loyalty policies while generating additional revenues and expanding its offer to new market segments.


Treezor places embedded finance at the heart of its value proposition. Its one-stop shop offer allows companies to add payments to their offers by outsourcing the technical and regulatory aspects. 

When asked about the ability to support the transformation of the financial sector, Didier Lallemand, CEO of Treezor confirms:

“One of our mottos is ‘The success of our customers is Treezor’s success’. We focus all our efforts on being the partner that supports and assists its customers so that their projects are successful. Treezor plays the role of an innovation and disruption facilitator to support our clients’ use cases, not only in the financial sector but also in sectors whose uses are rapidly becoming digitalized: mobility, employee benefits, proptech, public services, ….”

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