The Eckert Law, which came into force on January 1, 2016, defines the rules for managing unclaimed assets on inactive accounts. These regulations require financial institutions to identify and manage these accounts to ensure that account holders’ funds do not remain forgotten. 

Deadlines and procedures

Inactive accounts

An account is considered inactive when no transactions have been processed during a 12 month period, and the account holder has not contacted us in any way.   

Account holder information

Treezor implements measures to identify inactive accounts, notify the account holders or their beneficiaries before transferring funds within the specified timeframe.


Transfer to Caisse de Dépôts et Consignation (CDC)

After 10 years of account inactivity, or 3 years following death for deceased account holders, unclaimed funds are transferred to CDC. 

The funds are then held by CDC for 20 years, or 27 years for deceased account holders, before being definitively transferred to the French State.

Recovery of funds

Account holders or their beneficiaries can recover transferred funds by submitting a request via the website, managed by CDC. 

This site enables users to search for inactive accounts and how to submit the necessary documents to prove their entitlement to any relative.