In a world where flexibility and sustainability have become crucial, mobility is changing. With this in mind, Skipr developed an all-in-one solution that allows companies to easily manage, plan, book and pay for corporate mobility-related expenses via an app, a platform and a payment card. Skipr is committed to sustainable development and the startup makes it possible for companies to encourage their employees to choose more eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

Skipr wanted a solution that would meet two specific goals. First, the company wanted to develop its Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) business model and establish itself as a benchmark platform in the sector. It was already offering a transportation optimization tool for professionals. Skipr’s second goal was to help its corporate customers manage their employees’ mobility at an international level, with the French market being a main priority. 


MOM user growth


corporate customers

2m+ euros

monthly spent on sustainable mobility

Challenges for Skipr

The primary goal for Skipr is to provide a premier mobility solution tailored for corporate clients in Belgium and France. Their commitment is to deliver a top-tier solution that aligns seamlessly with the mobility needs of businesses in these regions, offering everything from public transport management to bicycle km allowance as part of a comprehensive and sustainable mobility solution.

Additionally, Skipr’s vision includes expanding its offerings beyond borders to cater to the broader European market. By doing so, they aim to provide companies across Europe with flexible and sustainable mobility solutions, further enhancing the range of services available to their corporate customers.

Deployed solutions

Thanks to Treezor, Skipr is able to provide prepaid Mastercard physical or virtual cards that can be configured by the employer and used by the employees (Skipr users) to pay for mobility-related services (public transport, bike sharing, etc.). The prepaid card is issued by Treezor and Skipr acts as a payment services agent. Users can check their card balance via Skipr’s mobile app.

This collaboration has introduced numerous additional solutions, including card coupling, allowing Skipr’s users to fully personalize their mobility expenses

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