In France, managing the personal finances of frail or vulnerable people (the elderly, people with disabilities, people under legal protection, etc.) is no easy task. Finense was created to help these people manage their money, while preserving their autonomy.

Challenges for Finense 

Finense needs a reference partner offering a turnkey solution, in terms of both regulations and technology, for opening payment accounts, issuing payment cards and managing the associated transactions. The proposed solution must also be simple to use, to make it easier for users to manage their personal finances, but also innovative, to give them real financial autonomy.

In its model, Finense wants the account to be opened in the name of the person being cared for, who is the owner of the proposed service, whatever their faculties, even when they are under legal protection. In this case, the caregiver acts as the referent or proxy for the account opened.

Solutions deployed

On the regulatory front, Treezor’s legal expertise on such a complex and specific subject appealed to Finense. On the technological side, in conjunction with Treezor, Finense is implementing the following services:

  • A payment card controlled in real time, enabling money to be entrusted to an authorized third party for the day-to-day expenses of the person being cared for (home help, personal services, etc.). This payment card is connected remotely and securely to the online application (Finense), with the option of setting payment and withdrawal limits. Users have access to card control, enabling them to set payment authorizations or blocks with a single click.
  • A payment account with a personal French IBAN. This enables users to make transfers, or receive pensions, welfare benefits or various allowances. All the holder’s accounts (deposit, savings, credit, investment) can be centralized in a single location, making daily life easier for users.

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