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  • The project

    Cashbee is a simple savings app that takes care of your interests. The fintech was launched in 2018, with the aim of simplifying savings: creating an interest-bearing account in less than 6 minutes, security and availability of savings, choice of investments and attractive returns.

    In addition, Cashbee is directly approved by the ACPR as a payment institution, and is registered with the ORIAS as a broker in banking and insurance operations.

  • Key market data
    • In France the savings rate is about 14% of disposable income
    • In 2020, French people’s savings jumped by 90 billion euros (4% of GDP in 2020)
    • For 80% of savers, the main motivation is to face unexpected events first, before financing in long term or a project
  • The problem identified by Cashbee
    • Creating savings accounts simply, in a secure way with personalized support
    • Find simple solutions to be integrated with an approved institution
    • The need for flexibility and security on the issue of incoming and outgoing transfers
  • The deployed solution
    • Incoming SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT)
    • Outgoing SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT)
    • KYC management
    • Opening accounts