Treezor, one of the major European players in Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), shared insights into Italy’s embedded finance trends at the Salone dei Pagamenti 2023 edition. The company is at the forefront of the transformation in digital payments, focusing on three key sectors: mobility, employee benefits, and tourism.

Facilitating interoperability and sustainable transportation thanks to a digital shift

In the Italian mobility sector, Treezor identifies substantial potential for device interconnection, particularly in the realm of digital payments. In this landscape, both established and emerging players in the mobility sector are actively creating Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions. These solutions aim to simplify the journey from point A to point B by seamlessly integrating public transportation with eco-friendly options like free-floating scooters, bikes, and carpooling. 

To ensure universal payment accessibility, inventive solutions like “mobility cards” available as physical cards and through digital wallets provide a convenient way to manage a company-allocated budget for transportation expenses. 

These shifts align with changing consumer habits, facilitating seamless digital payments across various mobility services.

The evolving nature of urban and private transport calls for adaptable payment solutions and the success of MaaS players relies on efficient payment management, an area in which Treezor has proven capabilities. 

Employee benefits and corporate welfare in Italy: adapting to regulatory changes

The Employee benefit and Corporate welfare sectors in Italy are witnessing a surge in innovations (e.g. Eudaimon, Mantracare, Shapeme…) including digitized meal vouchers (e.g. EatsReady, Gruppo Pellegrini, Satispay). As the Italian government signals an increase in welfare thresholds, Treezor emphasizes the role of BaaS providers in adapting to market changes and evolving regulations. Treezor’s success story with Swile, a digital solution for employee benefits in France, and the emergence of numerous fintechs in this space in Spain and Italy highlight the role of BaaS to support innovation and regulation adjustments in this sector. Treezor stands as a crucial ally for companies, offering essential digital tools to navigate challenges in this landscape. 

Tourism’s digital shift: adapting to post-pandemic realities

In the wake of the pandemic, the tourism sector is experiencing a gradual recovery. Treezor observes a paradigm shift in travel retail, urging businesses to digitize their customer journey, including payment processes. New platforms are emerging to enhance the efficiency of merchants, providing automated payment solutions, invoice reconciliation, and optimized cash flow management. Digital payments are positioned to enhance user experiences for customers (both businesses and consumers) as well as all the players in the travel sector value chain (online travel agencies, hotels, transporters, etc.).

Treezor’s commitment to Italy: a partner for growth

Innovation in the payments sector is booming. In Europe, new offers are emerging on the market for fintechs and companies looking to disrupt or develop new breakthrough use cases. 

André Gardella, President of Treezor, reflects on the company’s nearly two-year presence in Italy, characterizing the market as dynamic with abundant opportunities.

“Treezor’s mission is to collaborate openly with the Italian ecosystem, accelerating the development of corporates and fintechs. Treezor has successfully assisted those players in their growth and innovation journey in Europe and is committed to providing its experience and technology to all the Italian stakeholders.”, comments André Gardella.

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