Treezor CEO André Gardella recently participated in an informal discussion with Fintech District, a dynamic open ecosystem representing the Italian fintech community. During this interview, he focused on the crucial role of embedded finance amongst the ongoing digital transformation of financial services. Gardella highlighted Treezor’s successful entry into the Italian fintech market, and how the company is going to foster innovation in Italy.

Gardella emphasized the renewal of Treezor’s strategic partnership with Fintech District. This renewal is a testament to the successful collaboration between local teams. He also highlighted that the BaaS sector is continuously evolving, and Treezor aims to accelerate its development by supporting the expansion of European companies into Italy.

Gardella expressed clear confidence in the positive business results achieved so far, and reaffirmed Treezor’s commitment to continuing their initiatives in Italy.

Treezor’s BaaS technology offers practical applications across diverse industries, including employee benefits, green mobility, and social benefits distribution. To delve deeper into the potential of the BaaS, Gardella suggested exploring Treezor’s white paper, which provides a comprehensive overview of the requirements that Embedded Finance can address.

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