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Last update 26.12.2016

The Treezor API allows you to discover the payment solutions and financial services we offer: acquiring, card issuing, bank transfer SEPA SCT&SDD via own IBAN, KYC/KYB management…

Our Treezor API is available in REST (and in SOAP on request) and you can consult the technical documentation freely online.

To use the Treezor API, it is necessary to respect the requested formats :

The field and parameter names in requests are case sensitive.
You need to use Content-Type "application/json" to send requests.
The request and response body encoding are always in UTF-8.
Please note also that amounts are given in Euro.

You will find below all the Objects of the Treezor API.

To access the test environment (Sandbox) and try out the API, you must sign-up for a Treezor Account.

Before running a command, click on the AUTHORIZE button to authenticate yourself