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XPay offer in France

lydia treezor
  • The project

    Lydia launched its payment app in 2013. Initially, it was a peer-to-peer payment app, aiming to facilitate the way individuals can pay off debts and send money to each other by registering any bank in the app and paying by scanning the QR code of someone also using the app.

    In 2020, the company made its largest fundraising (€40 million) with Tencent, and joined the French Tech 120 – an index of the best tech startups in France.

  • Key market data
    • 3 million users of Lydia
    • The application is available in 6 countries
    • Lydia was the first fintech to offer Apple Pay
  • The problem identified by Lydia

    Lydia’s problem was to find a partner to enhance its scalability and enable it to quickly offer new payment solutions to complement its existing architecture and services. Although Lydia had a partner for its digital wallets, the startup also wanted to have payment cards and X-pay solutions.

  • The deployed solution
    • Payment Accounts
    • Electronic money accounts
    • IBAN Issuing
    • Virtual card issuance on the fly
    • Issuance of payment cards in several European countries integrating the domestic specificities of the markets
    • Cards with automatic authorization
    • Preferred online cards (but offline acceptance)
    • XPay integration: Samsung Pay, G Pay, Apple Pay
    • And also: Customized and personalized legal assistance, customized and personalized integration