The French fintech Betterway provides its Mobility-as-a-Service offer to companies with commuting needs. Betterway’s corporate customers can offer their employees a sustainable mobility pass. The launch of Betterway’s offer is in line with evolving and diverse individual commuting and travel trends.

In addition, the Mobility Orientation Act in France encourages companies to provide support to their employees for sustainable commuting and travel methods.



36 years old

average age of users

Challenges for Betterway

Betterway aims to facilitate access to cleaner, less expensive transportation for employees’ business trips by enabling companies to outsource mobility management. 

In 2020, the MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) player launched the first French mobility management platform for companies. 

Solution deployed

As part of Betterway’s deployment, Treezor provided its expertise on the payment side which is a strategic aspect of the user experience. Thanks to its one-stop shop approach for embedded finance, Treezor integrated all the dimensions of the payment project for Betterway, both technically and legally. 

On the tech side, Betterway benefited from Treezor’s API to accelerate the development of the project. 

Each mobility account opened with Betterway is linked to a selective authorization payment card issued by Treezor. This card is given by the company (Betterway’s customer) to its employees to pay for all their work commute trips according to the needs defined by the company.  

Treezor was able to support this new type of player by proposing an adapted technical architecture and identifying the most relevant flow scheme. Betterway has access to special authorization settings and is able to approve the transaction in certain situations before sending it to Treezor. 

From a regulatory standpoint, Betterway relies on Treezor’s Electronic Money Establishment license.

Why Treezor? 

As a Mobility-first player, Betterway wants to offer several services to its users, from payment cards to train ticket distribution. And Treezor perfectly meets this need by issuing IBANs and payment cards for the 16,000 Betterway users (figures as of September 2022). It should also be noted that for each transaction made, Treezor pays Betterway a commission according to the “revenue sharing” model on interchanges for its role as a business provider.

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