Digital Banking

White label solution for regulated institutions

White label digital bank

Treezor offers a specific offer aimed at banks and approved institutions (PI / EMI) to enable them to create their own European digital bank using Treezor’s APIs. Depending on the technical options chosen and the distribution of roles agreed between Treezor and the Bank, it is possible to use Treezor’s multi-bank core banking or yours.

Treezor also offers KYC services depending on the capabilities and skills of the regulated institution.

BankHub – SEPA –

Indirect participant

Treezor supports you in your relationship with the SEPA leader, member and representative of the Market System, to facilitate obtaining the status of Indirect Participant.

You can either connect directly to the Bank, or take advantage of Treezor’s existing connection to benefit from simplified API integration.

Whatever integration you choose, your dedicated BIC will be used to generate IBANs on your payment accounts.


BankHub – SEPA –


By relying on the API, the Treezor platform processes all SEPA transactions (batch file) and all instant transfers (unit payment) in transmission or in reception.

Treezor’s platform processes all instant transfers (unit payment) in transmission or reception in the SEPA zone. Treezor respects the French banking calendar for Instant Payment, SCT Inst. and gives access to the best price to use this means of payment.

Institutions access all SEPA payment methods (SCT, SDD Core, SDD B2B) and benefit from the best prices for each of their transactions.

Operational cash flow Indirect Participant scheme

BankHub –


This service can be subscribed independently of SEPA services and card processing.

Treezor is a Principal Member of the card scheme and can issue all types of cards (Prepaid, Debit, Credit), in accordance with  Treezor’s licenses or the Payment Institution. Several levels of integration (Affiliate, Program Manager) are possible depending on the volume and schedule of the project.

Treezor retains responsibility for reporting to the scheme and manages charge-back procedures. A specific back office is also made available to allow daily monitoring of card activity and financial flows.

BankHub –


For card processing, several solutions are possible thanks to the flexibility of our technology and the international card scheme selected (Mastercard / VISA):

  • The Treezor platform can manage the processing and authorization of transactions
  • The Treezor platform can manage processing and delegate the authorization of transactions
  • The affiliated establishment can connect directly to the issuing processor of its choice and manage the authorization of transactions

BankHub –


Treezor is generally the issuer of virtual cards and / or physical, personalized or co-branded cards distributed by the affiliated institution. For printing cards, the choice of printer is open according to the list of partners referenced by Treezor.

These cards issued by Treezor can be compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay wallet technologies.

Treezor can issue cards that work on different profiles, either with systematic authorization or online prefered (which include offline).

Operational cash flow Affiliate scheme

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