11 January 2022 Regulatory

The KYC process: why verify a customer’s identity?

Why do we ask for so much personal information during the KYC process? Individuals and companies often wonder about this. The term used in the payments industry and in the banking world is KYC. This is a necessary and indispensable process for any financial institution. KYC or Know Your Customer (the term KYB for Know … Continued

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21 December 2021 Regulatory

What are the various stages of the KYC process?

KYC (which stands for Know Your Customer or Know Your Client) refers to the protocol for verifying the identity of a client, physical person or corporate entity (KYB, which stands for Know Your Business, is also used). This process plays an essential role in the verification of users’ and companies’ identity in order to prevent, … Continued

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27 March 2017 Regulatory

Electronic money: everything you need to know

E-money facilitates the emergence of new payment solutions and may soon replace more expensive means of payment. The European Parliament and the Council adopted Directive 2009/110/EC of 16 September 2009 to foster the development of electronic money. This new legislation, which will be transposed into French law in 2013, puts an end to banks’ monopoly … Continued

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16 February 2017 Regulatory

KYC procedures: Client identity checks

The Know You Customer procedure is one of the measures put in place as a result of European directives. It is mandatory for banks and electronic money institutions such as Treezor. Payment supervision and responsibilities of payment service providers A licensed electronic money institution offers the possibility to store money, but also to carry out … Continued

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29 July 2016 Regulatory

The new regulatory framework for marketplaces

Marketplaces have become key players in e-commerce: wide choice of multi-brand products, competitive prices… A short reminder of the essential information and the next legal framework that will surround the online payment of Marketplaces. A sales model in full boom The Marketplace is a platform for sales, services or announcements. Its objective: to put a … Continued

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