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Treezor is an electronic money institution approved by the ACPR (the French regulator), a Principal Member of the Mastercard network and a participant of the SEPA network.

Treezor offers electronic money and payment services, and manages the entire payment chain – both in acquiring and issuing. Treezor is a solution that allows you to integrate various means of payment within your own value chain.

Treezor, with its technical platform and its approvals, offers a one-stop shop service to its customers. Treezor is the single point of contact for companies to manage their projects and the processing of payments.

A Banking-as-a-Service


Treezor is a European BaaS platform that facilitates the technical management of payments, improves the user experience and accelerates the time-to-market of projects: neobank, card program, crowdfunding platform, marketplace…

Thanks to Treezor’s agility and modularity, launch your tailor-made solution using our approvals and our API. You can choose only the payment services you need to build your product: card, transfer, direct debit…

A dedicated API

100% api bank

Treezor has developed a high-performance proprietary solution, in compliance with regulations, and which is based on the latest technologies available. A secure and efficient platform on which you can rely to scale your activity.

All functionalities are accessible via a REST API to simplify the technical integration of developers. A free and dedicated Sanbdox for each customer is also available to benefit from a test environment.

Treezor can also provide a complete back-office to manage your project on a daily basis and monitor the various transactions..

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Our key projects

They trust us

Treezor is the preferred platform for startups and collaborates with many innovative companies. Treezor has contributed to the emergence and success of the best French and European fintechs.

  • B2B neobank

    Complete core-banking solution for the neobank dedicated to SMEs, with Ibanized wallets and the issuance of Business, physical and virtual payment cards.

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  • B2C neobank

    Tailor-made card program and IBAN issuance for the leader in mobile payment in France, including issuance of physical & virtual cards, and  Xpays.

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  • B2B neobank

    Complete core-banking solution for the neobank dedicated to the self-employed and SMEs, with: Ibanized wallets, issuing of Business payment cards, premium card program.

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  • B2B service

    Regulatory solution and payment services for the leader in the digitization of restaurant vouchers for businesses, with services for employees.

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  • B2B service

    Core-banking solution for the neobank dedicated to adolescents, with Ibanized wallets, issuing of payment cards and adult/child co-management.

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